Quantifying Addictive Pleasure, from Gary Becker to Thomas De Quincey

Update: My talk is now available.

Quantifying Addictive Pleasure, From Gary Becker to Thomas De Quincey from John Mulligan on Vimeo.

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Tonight at 5:30 I’m giving a talk at the Health Museum (1515 Hermann Drive) that provides a brief history of quantifying addictive pleasure, as part of the 2017 History and Culture of Disease and Healing Seminar Series.

The title is “Hooked: Measuring Addictive Pleasure from Romanticism to Neoliberalism,” and is an analysis of different prominent figures in the debate, focusing on Gary Becker, Thomas De Quincey, and Bruce Alexander. I (attempt to!) show sympathies and conversations between economics, psychology, and aesthetics, bookending my discussion with a reading of Narcos on the front end, and (how very exciting!) the 1821-22 publication history of De Quincey’s Confessions on the back end.